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Software Factory

Streamlining Software Delivery

The Software Factory is designed to streamline and enhance software product delivery by consolidating and refining existing baselines of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline implementations.

Key Features and Capabilities

By integrating the following advanced capabilities, the Software Factory ensures efficient, secure, and scalable software development processes, meeting the dynamic needs of our clients and supporting mission-critical initiatives.

  • Automated Development and Delivery: The Software Factory provides a comprehensive set of baseline processes, tools, libraries, and configurations that automate the rapid development and delivery of software components.
  • Everything as Code: Adheres to the “everything as code” construct, including IaC, Pipeline as Code, and Architecture as Code. It embraces a microservice-oriented approach and supports multi-cloud environments.
  • Open Source DevSecOps: Predominantly leverages open-source DevSecOps capabilities, complementing the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Platform One standards, and is currently utilized by NOAA.
  • Gold Baseline Maintenance: Maintains a “gold” baseline to support future growth efforts and ensure consistency across projects.
  • AI-Enabled Productivity: Incorporates an AI-enabled “Wingman” playbook to offer hyper-automation, expedited onboarding, and enhanced productivity in manual tasks.
  • Pre-Built Playbooks and Reusable Libraries: Comes with a set of playbooks and pre-built/reusable libraries to support shared capabilities such as application security, monitoring/logging, and data integration. These facilitate the quick onboarding of application components.

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