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Supporting our customers’ missions.

As a proven partner to Defense, Homeland Security, Federal Law Enforcement and Federal Civilian customers, IntelliBridge consistently delivers mission-matched solutions that increase efficiency, enhance performance, and reduce costs. Our strong foundation of core capabilities allows us to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Combining proven process management and operational agility, we help our customers to effectively and efficiently achieve goals that strengthen national security and improve a range of services provided by the United States government.


One mission unifies customers in federal defense: protecting the United States against urgent, persistent threats to national security. Today, defense spending is driven as much by economics and politics as it is by the specific nature of threats. These factors turn defense customers toward transformation and consolidation to meet new challenges. IntelliBridge is highly experienced in delivering innovative systems and services that are economical and meet the critical needs of those defending our nation.

Homeland Security

The National Security provide critical services in the interests of security and resident safety. We connect these customers with the advanced technology and processes they need for information gathering, analysis, and dissemination. We also provide expertise in cybersecurity to safeguard their critical assets from attack. The comprehensive support capabilities we offer to the National Security communities allows them to play a key role in keeping the United States and its residents safe.

Federal Law Enforcement

 We provide enterprise-level cybersecurity and information assurance solutions helping our customers design, detect, and defend against threats and vulnerabilities. Our analysts proactively identify, understand, and mitigate the threat posed by foreign government intelligence elements, their cooptees, and support networks. 

Federal Civilian

We design and deliver customized IT solutions that address the complex needs of federal civilian agencies. Although requirements vary, these agencies have one thing in common: limited resources, budgets, and time. With these constraints in mind, we tailor our services to provide best-value solutions that allow government agencies to perform more efficiently with better results. Since many of our programs serve veterans, civilians, and the emerging workforce, these benefits have a direct impact on the daily lives of Americans.

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