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User Interface

User Interface Design

User Interface Design is the act of designing a system or product users interact and engage with. This involves creating the visual design language that will be used across the product or system, including branding and colors, typography, iconography, embedded media, links and buttons, interactions and animations.

User Interface Design encompasses the content or data displayed, including the display properties, truncation rules, and the media queries and breakpoint determinations necessary to ensure that the design supports any and all required view ports (such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktop browsers).

User Interface designers at IntelliBridge are also responsible for the development of the practical components that users interact with, like buttons and text fields, and that all interfaces are 21st Century IDEA compliant so that the product or system is truly usable, mobile-ready, and accessible.

User Interface Design Capabilities

IntelliBridge Experience Studio brings both a breadth and depth of User Interface capabilities to our delivery efforts, which includes and is not limited to:

  • Visual & Graphic Design – We understand your brand and extend it with visually pleasing experiences that add to the overall experience and interaction with your products or services–without excessive aesthetics that come at the expense of accessibility and usability.
  • Accessibility / 508 Compliance – Accessibility is integrated into our design rigor and a critical part of how we work. We do the upfront work to ensure accessibility and 508 compliance is accounted for before a single line of code is written.
  • User Interface Design Systems & Libraries – We evaluate and design platform agnostic elements, components, and templates that bridge digital platforms with your user and business needs. Properly documented design systems capture the process, usage, creation, and implantation during all aspects of design.
  • Wireframes and Prototype Creation – Utilizing low- and no-code tools, we create custom prototypes that explore possibilities and validate hypothesis with users for application and solution development efforts. We collaborate and critique throughout prototype creation to ensure the visual design aspects coincide with the expectations of the early-stage artifacts.
  • Brand Design – We research and clearly understand how your users view your brand. Insights are gathered and a brand voice and tone are created that is authentic and timeless, lending credibility to your design.
  • Color Theory & Design – We have a strong foundation of the fundamentals of design and design theory and we are able to deliver nuanced design for the broadest human-centered reach possible while injecting brand tone, voice, and color-scape into all aspects of what we do.
  • Style & Usage Guideline Creation – We generate documentation of existing or newly created design systems to ensure intention, implementation, and integrity for the life of the design beyond the creation phase.
  • Typography and Content Styling – We identify brand-appropriate fonts that have explicit purpose and placement throughout your design elements to bolster the clarity of content and content hierarchy.
  • Animation & Interaction Design – Through a clear understand of your users and accessibility, we identify key elements of animation and interaction that can enhance a user experience, without distracting from on-task efficiency.
  • Iconography Design – We create customized iconography that supports your design through language-free information and indicators.

Case Study

FOIA Intake Process

Our client receives more than 25% of all federal FOIA requests. We set out to maximize efficiencies and decrease request processing times.

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